A valuable truth
About an original fabric

Recently, there is no eye which does not hear the language called "deflation"
in mass communications, such as a newspaper.
By carrying out efficient mass production, many monochrome has brought a result in which a price falls.
For a consumer, it is not a bad language loan. Since he can buy the same monochrome at a low price.
But is it allowable to think with the measure same about a fashion?
It means that originality is lost.

In the efficient production base to mass-produce,
It is very difficult to produce an original fabric.
Moreover, as for many of other production bases, having been screened is actual.
 The loom changed most dramatically at the production efficiency of textiles.
the loom supporting the - [ of the 1930s ] 1960s --
a < SHONHERU = mosquito -- a loom -- the monochrome called >
It is supposed in the "BISYU" area in the Meiji era last stage that it was introduced.
A basic design has hardly changed with that time.
This loom will disappear quickly after this time.
A demand called efficient mass production is not filled as the first reason.
it was replaced after SHONHERU -- high-speed -- the REPIA SURUZA air jet of a loom etc.
From inefficiency time will also take 5 times to 10 times if it compares
It was forsaken from the time.

 Instead of getting production efficiency, woolen stuff is the disagreeableness of original cloth.
Prejudices, such as employing the characteristic of original of a strong-minded superintendent officer
and a material efficiently, will be lost.
In order to take out the merit of woolen stuff original,
in monochrome driven in at high speed, it can never express.
Only the wool yarn driven in firmly at a low speed can express the original characteristic KURIMPU (curl).
It is the only means.
Vintage loom

 The original fabric currently introduced is actually 1930 - the 60s as a start.
The skilled craftsman who is useful and can say the woven cloth
also as loosens cloth to 1 one thread.
An amorous glance, a superintendent officer,
and thread and textiles, and materials, and is thorough analysis.
The standard design of textiles of those days was reproduced faithfully.
Furthermore, this is made into a springboard for discussion, without remaining in it.
Small change after considering a present-day inclination for a color, a handle.
Manufacture of the measure sample after tracing the production method of those days faithfully
It was the monochrome exceeding 1 mark 100 color.
The original fabric manufactured for such a background,
a fashion ---like -- physical -- the time -- question-degradation -- few
If that it is the genuine article which does not look at a kind can understand,
I am pleased at the present market.
Vintage loom and Craftsman Some sample thread of the huge
number of colors